Guilty Pleasure Presents…Working out to Katy Perry!

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Music Review

Yes it’s true I like working out to Katy Perry blaring in the background.  The gym itself is one of the most homoerotic places guys can go where men openly complement each other on their bodies, get behind one another to help with “form” while doing squats, and put their balls in each others faces while spotting on bench press so if you think about it, doing push ups in my apartment by myself and listening to KP is really less gay than your average gym experience.  Regardless, I do have at least some justification for my musical selection so hear me out while my public masculinity waits in limbo.

First of all the girls relatable, I mean we both like to kiss girls and talk about it.  Second, although the musics so pop I don’t even think my Ex-girlfriend listens to it, its catchy and it up beat.  Third, although normally it induces the same response in straight men as cold water, I’m working out so my testosterone boost completely cancels out the mad dose of estrogen flowing through the speakers making a happy medium and great workout.  And last, I’m a lazy guy.  Sitting on my couch drinking a Budweiser to football is a lot more appealing to me than getting off my ass and actually putting forth the effort to exorcise but Kate Perry has a sexy voice, so it keeps me motivated and my eye on the prize because lets be honest, the only reasons guys like me work out is to get better looking women, not to be healthy.

Say what you will about KP and me ladies, but in 2 months when I’m looking good AND can tolerate your music while driving in the car, your going to thank me!


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