From Where They Run Interview

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Music Review

Nnothing that better describes being in The Right Place at The Right Time than drinking a beer in the audience of a From Where They Run show.  This five-piece band started in Austin and has become a fast growing success as their music continues to evolve and become more direct and refined.  The band consists of three brothers, Pat, Tyler, and Nolan Wheeler, along with their college buddy from LSU Danny Mathews and the newest member A.J. Molyneaux who joined the group this summer.  Recently I sat down with the lead singer and guitarist Nolan Wheeler to talk music and gain insights into their recent success.

Mr. Wheeler began talking about his early influences growing up listening to classic rock mainly handed down from his father.  This, he explains, that this gave him a solid foundation and musical since of rhythm that has been a trade mark of the band and the underlining backbone to all their music.  “Bands like The Rolling Stones, or Johnny Cash, have an old blues since of time and rhythm to their music that more experimental bands of our generation like Radiohead don’t seem possess.” He also took this time to vent a little bit about the emerging DJ scene with bands like Pretty Lights and Deadmau5 as prime examples saying although its slightly innovative, the traditional instrumental bands will always be better, more talented and better respected.

He went on to define their style as a sort of southern folk, indie rock bread that is still developing, noting the fact that the band is not even a year old.  One thing I had always wondered was what it felt like to be on stage singing and jamming out in front of a huge crowd and Mr. Wheeler seemed to wince a bit at the thought of their early shows saying “at first of course I was nervous, I just hoped the audience wouldn’t see my legs shaking but then after a while I realized that we play some damn good drinking music and have great fans so then it just turned into a big party instead of a performance which made it easier on me.”

Last I wanted to question him about their first and upcoming album that is due for release in spring of 2011.  He said it’s probably going to contain around 10 to 13 songs and most of the recording is already done but the title of the album is still up in the air.  All the recording was done at the bands house in Austin where they turned a basement room into a workable studio.  “One thing that’s cool about our band is that we all live together so that makes the process of producing an album independently more fluid if you will.”

I personally have known many of the band members for years now so it is interesting from my perspective to see this new collaboration that they have developed into From Where They Run.  The last show I saw was about two weeks ago when they played at the Independence Brewery’s sixth anniversary party and I was extremely impressed with many of their new songs I had never heard before.  At the beginning it was obvious that all the members of the band were musically gifted but in my opinion they were still finding their unique and personal direction (as most bands starting out go through I’m sure).  With this last show however it was evident that something had changed and that spark of authenticity that makes great musicians and bands alike stand out from all the others seemed to finally have been kindled.


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